Prolonged Microscope

Prolonged Microscope Usage Related Health Disorders

Microscopes have been deemed to be an important invention in the history of humankind. They have aided and supported the relentless efforts of many researchers and catalyzed many worthwhile inventions. Of course, we all are grateful to both!

But while being engrossed in observations and diagnoses, researchers and pathologists tend to ignore many health disorders that the prolonged use of microscopes causes. This blog precisely talks about the various health conditions that using microscopes can cause in the long run. Further, we will also look at innovative digital microscopes and laboratory microscopes and how they can help prevent these occupational hazards

Musculoskeletal Problems

This is one of the most common problems. Musculoskeletal disorders refer to injuries and disorders of an individual’s movement or the musculoskeletal system. The latter includes ligaments, tendons, muscles, blood vessels, discs, etc.

Working on microscopes involves working in a bent position for a long time. The most common design of the binocular heads of laboratory microscopes require the user to look downwards at a 30 degree angle and sit in a hunched position if the height is not adjusted well. This can stress the spinal cord, shoulders and neck. It could lead to various musculoskeletal disorders like ligament sprain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tendonitis, etc. The intensity of the disorders may vary from person to person.

Visual Refraction Errors

Another common health problem associated with the prolonged use of the microscope is visual refraction errors. These are vision-related problems that blur the vision and occur when the eye shape keeps light from focusing correctly on the retina.

Myopia (nearsightedness), which involves making distant objects look out of focus, is a common concern. Other problems might include hyperopia and presbyopia. Again, the resultant health conditions and their severity may differ with the individual.

Occupational JHazards

Occupational hazards are common across pathologists while using microscopes for hours. Many pathologists complain about headaches, caused due to continuous strain on eyes.

While observing and researching are crucial, is there a digital microscope that addresses these conventional concerns?

Laboratory Microscope – Cilika Microscopy on the Move!

cilika portable      cilika benchtop

Cilika Portable and Cilika Benchtop are digital microscopes geared to revolutionize the field of microscopy. It is an intelligently, empathetically and ergonomically designed microscope that addresses the various long-term health concerns that conventional microscopes cause.

How? First, the microscope allows pathologists to maintain an erect structure. The image is relayed on a large screen positioned in front of the pathologist’s eyes. Thus, they don’t have to bend down and stress their spinal cord or shoulders while viewing.

Secondly, the microscope provides high-resolution imaging. Thus, pathologists can capture and export high-resolution images as required. They can have the image resolution adjusted up to 4128×3096 pixels, set the brightness and contrast level and magnify the image using digital zoom for clearer observation.

Thus, they don’t have to strain their eyes to see something clearly. It can help reduce the number and severity of eye problems caused due to prolonged microscope viewing.

Cilika Portable offers many more features like portability, remote viewing, cloud storage, digital transfer of images and multiple device connectivity. These advantages do not directly relate to occupational disorders due to the prolonged use of microscopes. But they surely simplify a pathologist’s job!

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