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Micalys has unlocked all possible modes of microscopy to provide you with Integrated Microscopy experience

Whole Slide Imaging: Capture entire slide, share and collaborate

Live view with robotic remote control

Manual microscopy: Stage, focus, and magnification Control using Joystick

AI Assisted Diagnosis: Filaria, PBS, Malaria

Whole Slide Imaging

Whole Slide Imaging

High resolution imaging with just one click  powered by intelligent area selection for a seamless process

Quick scan at a true 40x magnification with enriched visualization and secured sharing

True 100x oil immersion scanning available

Whole Slide Imaging

Live View with Robotic Remote Control

The ability to control your microscope remotely, beyond simply viewing, is now a possibility. Remotely control your microscope stage, focus, and magnification with real-time manipulation. Enjoy high-resolution image transmission for all sample types.

Live View
Manual Microscopy

Manual Microscopy

Micalys offers all the essential features of a traditional microscope, including precise joystick control of stage movement and lens changes, along with digital capturing and visualization capabilities via CILIKA View software.

Manual Microscopy

AI Assisted Diagnosis

Micalys empowers pathologists with AI for efficient analysis. Peripheral blood analysis, filaria detection, and malaria screening with high accuracy and faster diagnoses

High Quality Image

Outstanding image quality for various sample types including Histopathology, Cytology, PBS etc

Achieve high quality images of resolution up to 0.19 μm/pix at true 40x

Explore the Image Quality
Boost Your Output​

Boost Your Output

One platform, Countless solutions

11 layers of Z stacking

WSI at 40x with 0.25 μm/pix resolution in 150 seconds

Data Management and Storage

Micalys software simplifies your workflow with integrated data management, eliminating the need for additional software. Store images directly on the included 1TB local storage, with optional expansion to your network-attached storage (NAS) for even larger capacities.

Data Management and Storage

Telepathology gets a boost with Micalys!



It allows for remote control of stage movement and magnification, enabling smooth, real-time manipulation, and improving efficiency and accessibility in remote consultations, not just high-resolution image viewing.



Share individual slides with anyone for a limited time via a quick link, allowing them to view the information without needing an account.



Securely share cases with registered users, allowing experts to remotely view samples on their own devices for streamlined collaboration.

Hundreds of Happy Clients

Here’s what our customers have to say, when asked how satisfied they are with our products.

Dr Pradeep VaideesvarProfessor, Department Of Pathology (Cardiovascular & Thoracic Division), Seth GS Medical College, Mumbai

     We've used Micalys by Medprime for our inter-hospital Senior Surgical Meetings for 2 years (2021-22). The program digitized 18 case slides, with excellent color reproduction, clarity, and resolution. The cytoplasmic/nuclear details were also impressive. We had no trouble offering diagnoses, and the program was easy to use and highly recommendable.

Dr Raghunath Narayanan UnniCo-founder of Redepath Diagnostics

        Our laboratory has been using Micalys, developed by MedPrime, for the past 2 years. Using this device, we have remotely diagnosed over 43,800 cases approx in these 2 years. To evaluate the performance of Micalys, we compared it with manual microscopy using 60 slides and three pathologists. We found no significant difference in the interpretation of diagnoses using both methods except for those that resulted from human subjectivity. The images produced by Micalys are as clear and detailed as those produced by conventional microscopy, even at maximum magnification. The colors are reproduced accurately, and the nuclear details are sharp.

Dr Chandralekha TampiMD-Pathology. Consultant Histopathologist, Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai

      We hosted two Histopathology academic meetings with over 100 histopathologists from Mumbai's government, private teaching, and referral hospitals. Through Micalys, we uploaded challenging cases' scanned and high-quality images for detailed diagnostic viewing. The images were consistently of excellent resolution with crisp details and faithful color reproduction. All participants found the images to be of superior quality. Kudos to the team for this high-quality product.

Technical Specifications

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