How To Preserve Pathology Samples For Longer Duration

Generally speaking, collecting and preserving biological samples examined through laboratory microscope and pathology microscope for advanced genetic manipulation and clinical scientific research and molecular study, entail a collection of ultra-low temperature devices for storing and slowing bioprocessing within blood and tissue specimens. Sample collection and DNA preservation are essential for studying specimen’s population and to comprehend biospecimen science, preservation procedure requiring collection, statistical analysis and examination process.


Samples Preservation Procedures:

Cooling & Refrigeration (Cryogenic & ULT Storage)

Biological materials must be preserved at specific temperatures over a particular time.Stored items over short periods need to be frozen at refrigeration temperature for quick use. For ultra-cold storage and preservation requirements, dry ice is used as phase change materials for samples examined under laboratory microscope, pathology microscope like Cilika® Benchtop digital microscope because it sublimates at -70°C. Portable freezer is the solution for long-term ultra-low temperature storage and preservation of samples. Specimens requiring storage for skeletal preparation needs a storage and preservation temperature ranging from -10 to -40°C. Opt for a laboratory low-freezer within a wider temperature range like -20 to -80°C. Storing and preservation of DNA samples examined by pathology microscope like Cilika® Benchtop, laboratory microscope, is the most straightforward process requiring ultra-low temperature. However, blood samples, if assays are not completed within 8 hours, should be stored at +2°C to +8°C no longer than 7 days. The blood sample should be frozen at -15°C to -20°C if assays not completed within 7 days.


Air drying is suggested for specific stomach samples preservation.


Dry samples needs to be kept from humidity with additional silica storage. As the samples absorbs water, the bioproduct can be regenerated as they are more tolerant of heat.

Chemical Preservation

Chemicals stores and preserves tissue samples examined by laboratory microscope and pathology microscope like Cilika® Benchtop digital microscope. Chemicals should not be used for skeletal samples preservation as microbial examination should not be stored through chemical channels due to discoloration of soft tissues. Preserving substances in alcohol is a long-term storage method as alcohol does not harden tissue.

Tissue Preservation

Tissue samples, collected through Needle Biopsy, Excisional Biopsyprocedures for examination such as bacteriology under pathology microscope like Cilika® Benchtop digital microscope, laboratory microscope, should be taken if a necropsy is completed for identifying health complications. To obtain tissue samples, it’s recommended that samples are taken no thicker than 1 cm but large enough to hold few areas of tissue abnormalities. Tissue preservation is completed by using easy-to-use ethanol also.

Liquid Preservation

Blood samples examined under laboratory microscope, pathology microscope like Cilika® Benchtop, are preserved in sealed bags and dried in ultra-low temperature freezer. In serology, serum or plasma are separated from blood cells and refrigerated in ultra-low temperature freezers until transported in laboratory. Plasma and blood cells are collected and preserved in temperatures ranging from -20°C to -80°C or left out for 30 minutes and centrifuged for 20 minutes. While analyzing DNA, blood specimens are stored for long periods under ultra-low freezer conditions.

Other Bodily Preservation

Bodily preservation like stomach content are preserved through chemical processes or alcohol. Additionally, an entire alimentary tract is preserved in chemicals via formalin injection.

Cryogenic Sample Preservation

Reduction of sample temperatures through cryogenic preservation guarantees safe channel of preservation, temperatures in sample tubes ranging from -80°C to -100°C.

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