Digital Microscopy for Medical Applications: Current and Future Uses

Digital Microscopy for Medical Applications: Current and Future Uses

Recent technological advancements and the need for quicker and better diagnosis have encouraged microscopes to evolve and emerge into something better.

Digital microscopes serve as an apt example of the evolution of microscopes. Digital microscopes are considered a more versatile and efficient alternative to their conventional counterparts, with numerous advantages to reckon with.

Also called digital scope or digital inspection system, digital microscopes have created a solid foothold across various sectors, including healthcare, where they are used for several purposes. This blog overviews a few medical applications of digital microscopes.

What is a Digital Microscope?

Fundamentally, a digital microscope uses a digital camera along with a microscope instead of an eyepiece, to enable digital viewing of the magnified sample. Users from various domains use it to inspect and analyze micro-objects and tiny samples that one cannot see with the naked eye. Digital microscopes prove beneficial in many ways. Digital imaging opens up the possibilities of capturing digital images, recording videos, transmission of data digitally, printing, image processing and analysis and so on. Let’s look at some of them.

Benefits of a Digital Microscope

Benefits of a digital microscopes are quite significant. Whether they are related to usability, comfort, ease of analysis, sharing of data or automation of testing, digital microscopes have far more to offer than traditional microscopes in every aspect. Here are a few advantages digital microscopes have for users in medical sector.

  • Better and Automated Focus: Digital microscopes offer intelligent mechanisms that help automate the focus and thus enhance it for better and improved viewing of the slides. The result is faster, better observation and enhanced diagnosis.
  • Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic design is another benefit of digital microscopes. These microscopes are a result of years of observations and research. Part of it includes addressing the user’s physical problems derived from the prolonged use of conventional microscopes. Digital microscopes have ergonomic designs that help maintain an erect posture while viewing, thus helping reduce spine issues.
  • Online Data Saving and Sharing: Digital microscopes enable users to save images and videos online and share them virtually with multiple users via various mediums like email, chat, etc. It helps lower the effort of maintaining physical records and sending them physically, putting the records at various risks. Digital microscopes, like those of Cilika also enable live streaming of samples remotely for telepathology.
  • Automated analysis: <<few lines on AI algortihms for sample analysis – help to reduce load on pathologists, increase accuracy, reduce time required>>
  • Enhanced User Experience: All the above factors result in improved user experience. Users feel using digital microscopes is more convenient than their traditional peers.



Medical Applications of Digital Microscopes

Let’s now overview some vital medical applications of digital microscopes.

  • Easier sample observation

It is a vital area where digital microscopes, featuring presets and reference apps, can be used. They can help enhance overall efficiency and foster consistency across inspections. Digital microscopes can help you save the most used settings as presets and align them with the saved settings. And all of it happens in a few seconds, compared to manual settings, which could be pretty time-consuming.

Additionally, by using heads-up displays to verify the size and shape of the products, users can also detect issues more accurately and efficiently.

  • Battling Cancer

Digital microscopes have been believed to revolutionize humanity’s battle against cancer. Pathologists and other researchers can draw samples and analyze them precisely and very quickly. <<in collaboration with multiple oncologists located in different places>> Based on a particular case’s requirement, medical experts can use a digital microscope for cancer cell research in the sample or diagnose it.

These advantages and those driven by future updates will strengthen the future use of digital microscopes in cancer research and diagnosis.

Benefit from Digital Microscopy Optimally with Cilika Digital Microscopes

Cilika digital microscopes are meticulously designed and crafted to match the operational, ergonomic, and futuristic needs of the healthcare sector.

These microscopes are portable and have the patented TruView technology that helps capture 100 percent of the circular field, enable digital micrometry and annotation, and ensure high-resolution imaging. They are ergonomically designed to enable convenient viewing and reduce the instances of physical issues resulting from the lifelong or prolonged use of conventional microscopies.

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