MAHAN Trust’s Collaboration with Medprime to Catalyze Better Tribal Healthcare

Digital Microscopes for Tribal Development: Improving Healthcare in Remote Areas of India

Many rural and tribal areas in India do not yet have the latest medical facilities. The result is an increased mortality rate. Many patients die or suffer from a particular disease only because they do not have access to new-age healthcare!

As for early diagnosis, rural patients and doctors face a range of complex issues. It is here that digital microscopes play a significant role. So, let’s examine a few aspects associated with digital microscopes for tribal development.

What are Digital Microscopes?

A digital microscope is a powerful tool in the field of microscopy that utilizes advanced technology to provide high-resolution images of specimens. It is an optical microscope that has a digital or microscope camera attached to it, which captures the image and sends it to a screen or monitor for display. The images obtained from digital microscopes can be viewed in real-time and can be easily saved, shared, and analyzed using software and computers. Digital microscopes have revolutionized the field of microscopy by making it easier for researchers, doctors, and scientists to view and analyze specimens, leading to more accurate diagnoses and better treatment options.

Benefits of Digital Microscopes

In the case of conventional microscopes, only one person can look at the image at a time. Thus, when multiple people have to be involved in a particular case, viewing the images can incur a significant amount of time.

But digital microscopes resolve this concern effortlessly. It allows multiple experts to study a particular specimen or image at a time. Thus, tribal patients from tribal areas don’t have to wait for a long time only to get a particular image examined by experts. The ability that enables numerous experts to study a particular image helps save a lot of time.

Tribal areas are often located at distant and extremely difficult terrains. In situations like these, transporting images and slides to urban healthcare centers can incur time, effort, and money. Besides, often, the onus of transporting the data is on the patients!

Digital microscopes allow users to transmit images virtually. They do not require patients to run to the urban or the nearest healthcare center with the data. They can now seek diagnostic reports and advice from wherever they are. It can help save valuable time, effort and cost.

Medprime and ACT partner to support Mahan Trust for Tribal Healthcare Improvement

MAHAN Trust serves the tribal communities in the remote Melghat region of rural Maharashtra. Unfortunately, the region had a high mortality rate of 70% due to treatable infections. One of the key challenges was the lack of trained microscopy technicians who could diagnose patients in a timely manner.

Local lab technicians could only prepare sample slides, which then had to be transported by the patients to a pathology lab four hours away in Amravati. Even if they managed to travel, the results would come after about four to five days, wasting precious time. This arrangement was not effective for emergency cases.

Medprime and ACT have partnered to support Mahan Trust for Tribal Healthcare Improvement. The collaboration has piloted CILIKA, a digital microscope solution that allows pathologists to remotely analyze test reports for patients living in low-resourced areas without requiring to transport or store the sample slides. The ACT Implementers Network facilitated the collaboration.

ACT provided CILIKA for free, which will help diagnose numerous poor patients in low resource settings who would otherwise have received experimental therapy. It will also improve patient service and management and help reduce morbidity and mortality.



CILIKA is the world’s first smartphone integrated microscope. It packs several features that make it a truly world-class digital microscope that can help revolutionize healthcare services. For instance, CILIKA offers the transformative TrueView technology that allows capturing 100% of the circular field as the view, unlike traditional microscopes that offer a 50% reduced view. Besides, it offers high-resolution adjustable imaging.

CILIKA is portable and hence travel-friendly. Thus, you can carry it in rural and tribal areas, helping patients in these areas with better healthcare services.

Join the revolution in tribal healthcare! Support the use of digital microscopes, like CILIKA, to improve early diagnosis and treatment in rural and tribal areas. Contact to learn more about how you can make a difference.

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