Cilika Digital Microscope – Transform Series

The Cilika Transform series is a versatile binocular microscope that can be upgraded to a digital benchtop system quickly with a few simple steps. The Cilika Transform series is built for comfort and ease for beginners to explore their curiosity along with the strength and durability of Cilika. The Cilika Transform Microscope includes all the features of our Cilika Benchtop series. The Transform Microscope additionally has one binocular head which can be purchased simultaneously.
The creatively designed and thoughtful Transform microscope is perfect for students who need binocular microscopes for classes and examinations with the option to upgrade the device once they graduate and start practice. It is a one-time investment opportunity for students with a bright future in pathology.#cilikamicroscopes #telepathology #TransformMicroscope #pathologystudent #digitalmicroscope #binocularmicroscope

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