5 Most Common Pathology Myths And How They Are Untrue

Pathologists are often the most underrated medical professionals. The profession itself is swarmed with stereotypes and myths, even though pathologists are as important as any other health worker. Here are the 5 most common pathology myths and how they are untrue: (representative Image)

1. MYTH: Pathology is for lazy people

TRUTH: This is the most baseless myth for any profession let alone pathology. Pathologists examine blood, urine, and other fluids for several diseases, viruses, any and all possible causes of ailments and irregularities on a daily basis.

2. MYTH: Introverts take up pathology

TRUTH: If a medical student has ever hinted their interest in pathology, they must have heard this statement from people from non-medical and sometimes even medical fields. However, being an extrovert or introvert doesn’t affect your practise as assumed by people. Pathologists often also teach subspecialties in colleges.

3. MYTH: Considered unimportant or denied equal respect by specialist doctors.

TRUTH: Pathologists are often referred to as the ‘Doctor’s Doctor’ as clinicians heavily rely on pathologists with diagnosis and specific care plans. Pathologists are not only respected but also involved in complicated cases.

4. MYTH: Pathologists’ only role is to perform autopsies

TRUTH: Popular media representation is to blame for this perception as most pathologist roles are reduced to performing autopsies. Whereas, it is only a part of the profession and that too, only in certain countries.

5. MYTH: Pathology will be taken over by AI soon

TRUTH: Artificial Intelligence has immense scope but is not restricted to pathology. Pathology includes the study and classification of tumors and new tests, hence it is wrong to assume that the profession will cease to exist. With the field growing it might replace many specialties but will not render pathologists obsolete.

Reference: https://www.cap.org/member-resources/articles/the-top-5-pathology-myths-busted

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