About Us

MedPrime Technologies is a medical device company, dedicated to developing the best, customer-centric solutions for the healthcare needs of the world.
We develop innovative affordable healthcare solutions, with a focus on patient monitoring, assistive and diagnostic devices.

What we do?

We at MedPrime Technologies, strive to make a difference to the healthcare ecosystem, focusing on the challenge of improving service delivery for the masses. Our main focus is on the overall improvement of healthcare by developing new technologies that can be beneficial to all. We believe in innovation to develop breakthrough technologies that meet the highest standards of safety. Our products will aim at addressing widespread problems that affect all segments of the population

Work Culture

We believe that growing and learning are not mutually exclusive, and therefore do not allow experience to tip the scales when looking for a teammate. What we really value is the willingness to work as a part of a team and share our vision. Being a technology company, our members are our biggest assets and their ideas and suggestions are always taken seriously. In keeping with the open culture associated with startups, we do much more than just work together. Shared meals, stimulating conversations over tea breaks, occasional outings and a common passion make us more than just colleagues.


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