Microscopy has been revolutionized!!!

Equipped with world class optics to provide crystal clear imaging ,
CILIKA is the first compact digital microscopy platform of its kind.

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Cilika has multiple magnifications of up to 1500X. You also get an additional 4X digital zoom to help you see and identify the region of interest better.


Don't limit your research to your lab. Cilika fits easily in your backpack so that you can go out and explore.

Ergonomic Design

It has been designed so that you can work on it for longer hours without discomfort.

Digital Data

Why preserve slides when you can save images with one touch. Need a picture of slides for the conferences, you already have one stored with the Cilika app.


Opens up new doors for collaborative research. Share your eureka moments live with your peers with photo sharing or live video streaming apps.

Battery Powered

Cilika can run on both the standard AC power or using it's internal battery. The inbuilt rechargeable battery has a backup of more than 15 hours.

E-Library for Pathologists.

Video library of rare and unique cases in Clinical pathology.
Videos recorded using CILIKA.

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Fit it. Forget it.

A simple, easy-to-use, cost effective monitoring system for intravenous (IV) infusions.
Sounds an alarm and stops flow when infusion is complete.


Because every patient deserves a stress-free treatment and recovery

Seamless design

Sleek and modern design that blends right into the hospital environment


More than 20 hours battery backup, suitable for areas with power shortage

Easy to use

No complex protocols, no confusing control panels, no need for user training